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The top 3 reasons most people don’t build more muscle’s


When you are building your muscle’s, it is easy to get frustrated. This is very hard work to build your muscles and time-consuming. And it takes patience, a lot of patience and dedication. Most of the people who want to build some muscles want a shortcut for faster results. There is no short cuts and on the long run, it is better to do the muscle building on the right way to peak performance. Here is 3 of the top reasons most people don’t build more muscle’s.

1. Train for hours on end just with weight lifting

Many think that how many hours you work with the weight lifts, how quickly you will build muscle. But this is not the truth. You can’t just build muscle with lifts, all the time. The best is not to exceed 45-minute a day. Spend the rest of the time on proper warm ups and cool down routine’s. Add the weight of the dumbbells often, but not too much weight at a time. Don’t do more than your body can handle. Ask for a gym instructor if you don’t know what to do or how to build more muscles. It is also important to get enough sleep if you are exercising every day.

2. The same exercises every day

You are probably doing more of the exercises that you love more than the other exercises. This is also a possibility why you don’t build more muscles. Your body is getting used to the same exercises and the muscles aren’t getting to exercise in other type of movements and angles. This is called the “ repeated-bout effect”. This is also easier to injure some muscles. Change the exercises and let the muscles exercise in different motions and angles, strengthen the muscles more.

3. You don’t eat enough food

This is one of the biggest mistakes people who want to build muscles are making. If you want to build your muscles, you must eat many foods. Not any food, but muscle foods. The best is to eat a lot of muscle food three times a day. And it is also recommended to drink a power shake after each meal. There are many muscle foods. This is just a few of them. Some of the muscle food is:

  • Nuts without sugar or salt
  • Eggs
  • Olive oil and olives
  • Low-fat yogurt
  • Salm

There are many reasons why you don’t build more muscle’s. If you want to build more muscles and you don’t know how, it is best to get the help of a professional gym instructor and nutritionist. This is something you can’t do on your own. They can tell you more about the right things to do and what not to do. And don’t give up. Building muscles are hard work and will not happen overnight. Eat right and be patients. Muscle building are not impossible, just extremely hard work.

Eating for Your Tummy


Whether it’s Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation, or bloating, a lot of people have their fair share of gastrointestinal troubles. I’ve certainly had more than my fair share. GI problems aren’t always talked about because it’s embarrassing and personal and smelly. But, a lot of people are suffering just like you, and you shouldn’t suffer in silence! I’m going to review the latest food and supplements for GI health.

Probiotics– Probiotics are very popular and seem to be quite effective. Probiotics are live microorganisms that confer a benefit to the host (your GI tract). Probiotics have minimal side effects and many people do quite well with them and find that they can provide relief for bloating, gas, cramping, and mild to moderate IBS. They can be consumed in food (yogurt) or as a supplement.There are several different strains of the bacteria that you can buy, all seem to be moderately effective. When buying supplements make sure that the bottle is labeled USP. This means that the supplement has been regulated by the United States Pharmacopoeia.

Peppermint Oil– Studies support the use of peppermint oil for nausea, indigestion, and IBS. In clinical trials with peppermint oil it has found to be more effective than antispasmodic drugs and fiber. It is especially useful in diarrhea predominant IBS.

Melatonin – Melatonin is a well known natural sleep aid. Recently it has been studied in regards to IBS. Melatonin has been shown to reduce pain in IBS patients when taken for two weeks. This is a short time period and further trials are needed. The recommended dose is 3 mg/day taken at night. Since it is a sleep aid it is important to take it at night. Users did not report any sleep disturbances or drowsiness while taking the supplement. Here is a great article.

Fiber – Last but not least, we have our good friend fiber. Of course fiber is best for constipation and people who have IBS-C. The recommendation for fiber is 14 grams of fiber per 1000 calories consumed. Since most people consume about 2000 calories, that makes the recommendation 28 grams per day. The majority of Americans could use a little more fiber in their diets. When increasing your fiber be sure to add it in slowly and drink plenty of water!
Are there any supplements or functional foods, that you have questions about? Please let me know! I wish everyone happy, healthy tummies.

7 of the strongest men of all time


Over time there come and go many men who tried to be the strongest man in the world. Some of them won and some have lost. Not all of them could do it. This is a tough competition and just the best can be called the world’s #1  strong man of all time. There is each year’s competition that decide who is the strongest man. One of these competitions is the World strongest men’s competition. Here can only the best of the best compete. These men are in the Hall of Fame for the strongest men that live. These men are considering the greatest strongmen of all times. Here are seven of the strongest men of all time;

1. Mariusz Podzionowski

Mariusz was born on 7 Feb 1977. He is considered as the strongest men of all time. He won the World strongest men’s competition 5 times. He was a powerlifter. Mariusz Podzionowski is from Poleland. He has his first competition in 1999 and won his first title in 2002. Now he is a mixed martial artist.

2. Magnus Ver Magnusson

Magnus was born on 23 April 1963. He was a strong man and powerlifter. Magnus Ver Magnusson is from Iceland. In 1984 he begins Powerlifting and in 1991 he won his first Worlds strongest men’s competition. Overall he won 4 World strongest men’s competitions. He is now a company owner of a design store.

3. John Pall Sigmarsson

John Pall Sigmarsson was born on the 28 April 1960. He was a strongman, powerlifter and bodybuilder. He is from Iceland. His first World strongest men’s competition was in 1983. He won his first World strongest men’s competition in 1984. Overall he has won the World strongest men’s competition 4 times. He died 16 January 1993, age 32, from a heart attack.

4. Zydrunas Savickas

His nickname is “Big Z”. He was born on 15 July 1975. He is a powerlifter and a professional strongman. He comes from Lithuania. Zydrunas Saviskas had his first competition in 1992. He won his first World strongest men’s competition in 2009. He won the World strongest men’s competition 3 times. He set the Guinness World record for the 20m Farmer’s walk in 7,55 seconds with 150kg in each hand.

5. Bill Kazmaier

Bill Kazmaier was born on 30 December 1953. His nickname is “Kaz”. He is a strongman, Powerlifting, professional wrestler and a sports commentator. He had won the World strongest men’s competition 3 times. He won it first in 1980. He comes from Wisconsin. He is now a motivational speaker for 3D sports Tech for schools and YMCA groups.

6. Jouko Ahola

Jouko Ahola was born on 1 December 1970. He comes from Finland. He is a strongman, Powerlifter and Actor. His nickname is “Jokke”. Overall he won the World strongest men’s competition 3 times. He first won the World strongest men’s competition in 1997. He is now an actor and his latest film is the Vikings. And he is a judge in the World strongest men’s competition.

7 of the strongest men of all time

7. Geoff Capes

Geoff Capes was born on the 23 August 1949. He came from England. He is a former athlete, a strongman and a professional Highland games competitor. He won 2 World strongest men’s competitions. He first won the competition in 1983.

These men have won the World strongest men’s competition many times and they deserved to be the 7 strongest men of all times. They have worked hard to keep their bodies in shape.