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The Best Protein Shakes Available

The Best Protein Shakes Available

The benefits of taking the best protein shakes are plenty and vary in terms of what they can provide you with. People from literally all walks of life can find that taking protein shakes will assist them in accomplishing their desired health benefits, and then some. While it is no secret that protein helps build strong muscles and a lean, healthy physique, protein shakes also deliver effects that may be quite subtle, yet very sublime. As a precursor of building hormones, men will find that an increased protein intake will lead to optimal testosterone levels. Testosterone is a punch-packing hormone that signals the burning of fat and in the fueling and building of muscles, which is an easy sell for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Testosterone is also known to fuel libido, increasing sex drive and performance, which is sure to be a strong draw not only for athletes, but for the average male looking to improve performance in a sort of different sport. The goods that protein—and in effect, taking the best protein shakes—can deliver are not sex-limited at all. Both men and women are bound to reap some anti-aging benefits from taking protein shakes because of its positive effects on the body’s GH and IGF-1 levels. These hormones help the body repair and cope with all forms of stresses, in effect keeping a person looking and feeling youthful.

When trying to figure out which the best protein shakes are, it is useful to have an objective evaluation system, a kind of rating scale. One such nifty rating scale is the BV, or biological value. It is used to evaluate the total overall nutritional punch a certain food possesses. Incidentally, the natural food with the highest BV score is one packed with protein—a whole chicken’s egg. Having a BV rating of 100, it is used as the golden standard of measuring the BV of other foods, and for good reason; a whole chicken’s egg has all the essential amino acids and fatty acids the human body needs, in amounts that are easy to digest and synthesize. With the popularity of protein shakes, however, researchers were able to find that the BV of whey protein exceeds the previous golden standard. Because of that, whey protein has been assigned a BV score of 104. Therefore, powders containing whey protein rank high in the list of the best protein shakes.

The Best Protein Shakes Available

While BV is a very useful and helpful decisive factor in choosing the right protein shake for yourself, it is by no means the end-all-be-all of rating standards. Other factors such as how well the protein shake mixes with water, how satiating it is, and how it tastes when mixed with various liquids all should be considered in evaluating the best protein shakes.

Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is such an important subject since what sportsmen and women consume before and after a session of training or during any sporting activity makes a very big difference on their performance.

If you have no idea on what sports nutrition is all about, then this online article will definitely enlighten you.

Good sports nutrition is all about ideal nutrient combinations to enhance your performance and to improve the integrity of your muscles for a better training and workout to occur. If good performance is your goal paying attention on what you eat is important.

Top factors to take into consideration when planning on your nutrition are:

The need to get hydrated in order to boost your energy is a key factor. Water is involved in many of your body processes and also makes up about sixty percent of your body weight.

Aim to drink plenty of fluids before, during, and after any type of sport related activity to avoid dehydration as well as over-heating. Replace what is lost as you sweat while doing training and during the performance of the actual sport. This will also keep your body fueled, watered and cleansed. You can also hydrate using the recommended sports drink known to contain helpful minerals in order to balance your electrolytes level.

In addition, eating a balanced diet is another important key. Ensure your diet consists of the right combination of calories from minerals, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates and proteins to gives you the required energy for great performance. You need these nutrients for your body to perform properly.
The amount of each nutrient required will depend on your activity regimen, fitness level as well as the duration and intensity of your exercise.

Proteins are great since they are used in tissue and muscle build up and also work to give your body the power to create new tissues. Eating carbohydrates will help keep your glycogen stores at their best. A carbohydrate rich meal come in handy especially during long hours of cycling, running and swimming to avoid depletion of glycogen stores.

Minerals such as calcium and iron are also important. Calcium is essential in transmission of nerve impulses and muscle contraction. Iron is used in forming hemoglobin, which is essential in transporting oxygen in the blood to various parts of the body. It is also involved in energy production and immunity.

Sports nutrition for women is also diverse as they have some special nutritional needs. Women have ongoing menstrual cycles and are also prone to early osteoporosis. They have increased needs for calcium and iron.

Inadequate mineral and vitamin intake are often associated with reduced performance.

While excess fats can be detrimental to performance, missing required daily fat intake often leads to low energy which will end up affecting your performance.
What is the best sports nutrition for a sports person? There is no definitive response to this. It all depends on the kind of sports and the physique to determine the right amounts not forgetting that they require frequent short meals daily.