Supplementing your Workout Regime:

Picking the right supplement to aid your fitness regime is very critical. More importantly consume it at the right time when your body needs it most and utilizes it best. The markets house hundreds of supplements that are targeted at weight trainers.  Creatine is basically a nitrogenous organic acid produced in the liver. It helps in supplying energy to cells all over the body – particularly muscle cells. The basic structure of a creatine consists of three amino acids L-arginine, Glycine and L-methionine.It is used by muscles that have high energy demands like the brain and skeletal muscleand iscatered through the blood by an active transport system. This chemical is not only naturally made by body but can also be obtained from external supplements.

Creatine and the science behind:

Researches confirm that taking your creatine post workout is most beneficial. It supplies energy where it is demanded or produces rapid energy, improving athletic performance and allowing user to train harder. They also increase fat free mass and support anaerobic performance.

The approximate storage level of Creatine in human body is 40% as free creatine and 60% as creatine phosphate. Taking your Creatine supplement post your gymtraining ensures resynthesize of ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate which basically the power that drives muscular energetics. ATP is a mandatory nutrient for a weight and strength trainer and helps to produce internal energy. For instance when a muscle is required to contract, the bonds in the ATP molecule are split resulting in the yield of ADP (adenosine-diphosphate). Energy released by breaking this bond powers the contraction of muscles.Supplementation with creatine increases Cr and CP within muscle allowing further capacity to regenerate ATP. The creatine supplement when consumed post workout enhances the ability of muscle to maintain power output during brief periods of high-intensity exercise.

Creatine Benefits:

Aiding your gym regime and strengthtraining program with Creatine can results in muscle fullness as well as create an environment within your body that is conducive to muscle growth. Regular usage of Creatine will provide effective results and it can also delay fatigue during repeated workouts. Studies show that using creatine supplements post workout helps to reduce the oxygen cost of activity. Thereby resulting in less strain is placed on the cardiovascular system while performing aerobic activity. This is a huge advantage for body builders as they will be able to work harder and longer losing fat and building up muscle.Even doctors are beginning to endorse creatine as an essential intake element for people wishing strong and healthy body physic. Creatine is safe for almost everyone to take with the exception of people with renal issues.

Creatine Consumption:

Creatine often comes in the form of powder. Many people like to take their creatine in a shake. Alternatively, you can also mix the creatine powder with some skim or soy milk and if intended add some fresh fruit for flavor. It is best to consume your glass of creatine right after your workout. Because, after hard workouts the glycogen content of human body is replenished and recovery can be enhanced.